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Flying M Coffeehouse

posted Aug 9, 2015, 7:14 PM by Tallia W
My favorite coffee houses is in Boise Idaho. I was recently visiting there. One of the things that I do when I visit is go to Flying M Coffee House. When I lived in Boise, that is where you would often find me on Saturday mornings. Meeting friends for coffee, or I would be inside reading a book.  The staff is always friendly. But I honestly have to say that the coffee that they have brewed it the best. My choice is the House Blend. It's perfectly smooth and has a great taste. They also have a selection of treats/snacks. Big cookies that amazing.

I'm still cracking up over my coffee cup. Those of you that play Mario Brothers as a kid will understand why.

My recent visit was great. Got my perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Sat down inside drank my coffee while I talked to my mother. Idaho people are very friendly at this location. No one is pushy or rude. Like me their were lots of other coffee drinkers. That like to go to a location, where they can get a cup of coffee. Then be able to relax inside for a while. Who wouldn't want that.  The coffee house also has a gift shop in the back. I highly recommend that you check it out. I'm always amazed at how big the selection is. Not once has there been a time, that I couldn't find the best gift there.

If you are ever in downtown Boise please go to their location at 500 West Idaho Street, Boise Idaho.
Hours:     Mon-Fri    6:30 am-11 pm
                    Saturday   7:30 am-  11 pm
                    Sunday     7:30 am-  6 pm