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S'mores Frappucino

posted Apr 30, 2015, 1:08 PM by Tallia W
April 28th Starbucks released a limited edition S'more Frappucino Blended Coffee.
This drink will only be at Starbucks locations for a limited time. 

I manager at the Starbucks  that I frequent at, was kind enough. To go over the this newly crafted drink with me. 

This drink is made with several delicious ingredients that will be pleasing to your taste buds. 
Milk chocolate sauce
Marshmallow whipped cream
Graham cracker 
You can order the drink with or without coffee
Drink comes in the following sizes:
Mini $3.95
Tall $4.25
Grande $4.75
Venti $5.25


The drink that was made in the picture was a tall S'mores with out coffee.

The marshmallow whipped cream with graham cracker was the best part of the drink. 
Overall I was impressed with this drink, tasted just like the smores I used to eat as a kid. If you are a chocolate lover, you need to try this drink.