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Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

posted Jun 18, 2015, 8:41 PM by Tallia W
Starbucks released another feature on their app. They have now introduced mobile order and pay. The only bummer about this news. Is it is currently only available for I phone users. So that means Android users will have to wait (again). Til the new feature has been added.

 Here are a list of the new features
  • Allows you to order and pay for your before you get to the store
  • The app will also remember your favorite drinks
  • Recommends new drink you might enjoy
  • Offers ways to customize your drink

There are only a few select states that have been selected for this new feature. You might want to ask your local Starbucks Barista if this can be used in your state. Arizona is one of the states that is going to be participating with this. But again, if you do not have a I phone. You can't use this feature. I'm hopeful that they will be adding this for Android users in the future.