Beautiful Sealed Letter

posted Nov 17, 2014, 10:15 PM by Tallia Wells   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:14 PM by Tallia W ]

Growing up I watched old black and white romance movies with my grandmother. One thing  I always loved seeing was knights and kings writing letters. Have you ever noticed that they always had a letter with the most beautiful handwriting on the front. Then on the black of the letter they had  wax seal of some-sort. Kings often had their royal symbol or coat of arms on theirs .  You always new that it was an important letter if you saw seal on the back of it. Or if you are a Pride &Prejudice fan (Colin Firth Version) was the best. I loved how Mr. Darcy writes a letter to Ms. Elizabeth Bennett of a narrative with his dealings with George Wickham. He writes it and then seals it with his family crest. Beautiful written and sealed.

For years I have always wanted my own wax stamp. Last year I purchased a beautiful 
cherry blossom gold plated wax seal stamp. Along with a purple sealing wax stick. There are so many different  wax seals out there to choose from. So please take your time and look for one that suits you best. The Cherry Blossom flower happens to be one of my favorite flowers that looks beautiful and lady like. 

There is a wide variety of colors that are available by different company.  I choose purple mainly because it would show up on most of the paper and envelopes I use for writing letters. I'm not saying that you always have to use the same color. But staring out with one color to see how you like it. In my book is a smart thing to do. Then if you want to purchase more colors in the future please feel free to so. Currently I'm buy wax from different companies to see, which one that I prefer the best. Then I plan on purchasing more in  colors.

The other day I was in Cost Plus World Market. I the cards and stationary section I noticed that they had a Sealing wax kit  for $ 9.99. Not bad considering most wax stamps start at $15 each. The kit I found  came with 3 seals and are interchangeable with the handle. Along with two red wax sticks.  Now If you haven't ever done this before I highly recommend you watch this YouTube video  that  The Goulet Pen Company did. Trust me on this one. You want to do this the right way. Then proceed with using your kit.

I used the wax provided in the kit, and I have to say I wasn't really impressed with it at all. Not as good as the more expensive one that I bought. The wax took forever to warm up, so you will have a wait a while. Then make sure you apply enough pressure with your seal or it won't turn out. But you will learn after you have done it a few times. Try doing a few test runs on blank paper, before you do it on something that you will be mailing.

The purple wax that I purchased online from BacktoZero was much better. It lit like it was suppose to then dripped without making to much of a mess. Then when I was ready to use my stamp and lifted it. My cherry blossom turned out beautiful. It did take a few seconds for it to cool. But when the design hardened it looked perfect. They are the company that I'm going to stick with for my wax sealing sticks. The sealing sticks on their Etsy shop start and $4.00 and go up from there. They have a variety of colors that you can choose from.   

I often write letters. Yes, it's a very old tradition. But some people  prefer a hand written letter. I don't see a problem with it. Plus, I enjoy writing letters. Personally I think I hand written letter with a seal is a beautiful work of art. Now that I have my own wax seal stamps and wax sticks. It will be an added improvement to my future letters.

Please give this a try if this is something that you are interested in. A wax seal would like beautiful as an added touch to wedding invitations, birthday, anniversary, holiday, or company cards. A nice added touch just to add a little something extra.

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