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Fashion Focus 2016 Haul

posted Oct 16, 2016, 5:03 PM by Tallia Wells

One of the major reason I attend hair shows is for the education. Plus all the great deals you get by attending. For these events I save up money for things that I need at the salon. And items that I use for personal use at home. There were a list of things that I wanted to get. Lucky for me I was a able to get a lot of it.


People to attended the event relieved a free gift
Over $90 in products

10 oz Miracle Repair Shampoo $23.96
10 oz Miracle Repair Conditioner $23.96
4.5 oz Miracle Styling Potion $19.96
4 oz Miracle Instant Repair Leave-In $23.96

I'm a big fan of this company. So it was an added plus that two of my favorite products were in it.

Bring On the Samples

BioSilk-Shampoo & Color Therapy 
Chi-Moringa &Macadamia Oil
Sebastain Dark Oil
Re+Vive-Hair Treatment
Sexy Hair-Straight Sexy Hair- Core Strength
Hempz- Yuzu &Starfruit

Gelish- Soak-Off Gel Polish Remover
CHI- Ultimate Control ( I will admit it, I got this because I liked the crown.)
GiGi-Cream Wax
GiGi-Fine Applicators for eyebrow waxing x4
GiGi-Small Applicators for facial waxing

Small makeup brushes- For my clients
Red lip-liner pencil
JohnnyB Spray Bottle
American Crew-Travel set (Shampoo, Conditioner, & Gel)

Hempz Lotion is my favorite. I picked up a few for Christmas gifts for family members
These smell amazing!

Vanilla Plum
Sweet Pineapple &Honey Melon x2

I think that was enough damage to my wallet. 

Please note to attend these shows you must be a licensed professional. 

Fashion Focus 2016

posted Oct 16, 2016, 4:22 PM by Tallia Wells   [ updated Oct 16, 2016, 4:28 PM ]

Three months ago my boss at the salon I worked mentioned there was going to be a hair show in the fall. She highly suggested that if I wanted to attended that I purchase a ticket before the show. Ticket prices go up a lot the day of the event. I'm glad I listened to her. Tickets were $35 at the beauty supply for licensed Cosmetologist & Nail Techs. When I purchased my ticket, they gave me a pink wrist band. The lady instructed me not to loose it before the event. Noted.

Fashion Focus presented by Cosmo Prof & Armstrong McCall. Was on October 16-17 at the Renaissance Glendale. The show was on Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.Then Monday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Sunday event was packed when I attended from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. As soon as I drove up to the hotel, there was a line clear outside the door. Event Parking  is a must for me (I don't like hiking to the event.) I stood in line for 10 to 15  minutes then was able to get in. Of course my wristband broke. Luckily the staff at the event were kind enough to let me exchange it for a new one.  When I entered the event they had several lines. Perfect,because waiting time was cut down. 

People who attended the event with their wristband  received  a free gift. I was surprised when a few ladies in line didn't know they got a gift for attending. They were shocked and happy when they were handed this.

Over $90 in products!
One bag was given per person while supplies lasted.

10 oz miracle repair shampoo $23.96
10 oz miracle repair conditioner $23.96
4.5 oz miracle styling potion $19.96
4 oz miracle repair leave-in $23.96

I love the It's a 10 line. It's a popular product line that is used in the salon that I currently work at. Two of the products that are my favorite are the  Miracle instant repair leave in and the miracle styling potion. They product like smells great. The best part is that it works great in natural or curly hair. I always reach for these two when I'm styling a clients hair after a blow-dry. It gives amazing results and leaves the hair feeling soft and silky. Giving my client the perfect result for the style they were looking for.

The show had a lot of popular brands:

Paul Mitchell
American Crew
Johnny B
Satin Smooth
Tons of other name brands

A nice thing about this event was they had Shear Sharpening done by the Cricket company. $30 per pair. That's not a bad deal. No one likes to have their hair cut by dull shears. A co-worker had a few of her shears sharpened. They did a great job. They had them done and gave a receipt.

I attended a few classes that weren't packed full of people. Being a hairdresser I like to keep up on my education and trends. So attending a few classes by some of the companies I like was important.

The first class I watched was JohnnyB. They had clipper classes without attachments and  clipper over comb classes.  The educators were great at answering questions while cutting the models hair. The gentlemen who was cutting this models hair was great. He told me to move up front since I was short. Got a much better view of what he was doing. He was demonstrating how to use trimmers to cut a design in the models hair. It was really impressive.  


The Paul Mitchell platform artist were demonstrating updo styles on their models. One artist kept mentioning the Marula Oil. I will be honest with you. I haven't used the product before. But with all the styles she was doing. It might be used in the future. When she was styling her model she was using the Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1. Showing how she was creating soft curls for her up-dos. The styling product sounds like it would be great for bridal styles. Nice part about it is she said he heated up to 140*F with a digital display. The feature I liked was it had a timer that shut it off after 30 minutes. No more worrying about if it was left on. She said as a parent with a teenage daughter  that is a must. No worrying about the bathroom counter burning up.


Wella was the last hair-styling class I tended.  The artist was showing how to do unique hairstyles using leather. Yes, did say leather. The model had her sides of her hair braided with a styling product. Then it was covered with leather. Kind of a different look but she pulled it off very well. The back of her hair was combed. Then he used some french hair clips to secure the back of the hairstyle. He used 8 different clips in the back. His assistant helped him secure the clips so that the hair was smooth and without bumps. The end result was stunning.

Another plus of attending is all the great samples you get. Companies are encouraging that you try their products. So they are always handing out great samples while you are looking at their booth. Samples pictured are:
  • Re+Vive-Take home treatment
  • CHI-Moringa & Macadamia Oil
  • Biosilk- Color Therapy Leave in Treatment
  • Biosilk-Hydrating Therapy
  • Hempz-Yuzu Starfruit
  • Sexy Hair: Straight Sexy Hair: Core Strength

Since this was a rather long post. The items that I purchased from event will be in another post.
Please note to attend these shows you must be a licensed professional. 

Vogue September Issue 2016

posted Oct 16, 2016, 2:50 PM by Tallia Wells   [ updated Oct 16, 2016, 2:51 PM ]

It's a tradition every year I purchase  the September issues of Vogue. This being my 8th year of collecting the Vogue September Issue.  I decided that I would only buy one copy. I'm not a big fan of  Kendal Jenner Not that she is a bad person. I'm just not in the age group that related to her. This years issues was pretty good. 2016 September issue has 800 pages in it. The fashion for fall is very different this year. Lots of dark colors: Dark Blues and Plum. Boots of coarse are going to be the footwear that is going to be popular this fall. Clothing with lots of prints and textures are also the new trend. I'm looking forward to seeing what the designers come out with. Seems like clothes they are now designs are making a bold statement. That should make fashion for fall very interesting. 

Mayelline Eye-Shadow Makeup Palette Collection

posted Mar 4, 2016, 12:31 PM by Tallia W

Maybelline has started to make some great eye-shadow palettes  in 2015. They are perfect for makeup lovers or people just starting to build up their own makeup collection. These palettes come with 12 different shades of color. The colors are perfectly matched for the collection that it was intended for. 

I started using these when I noticed that a YouTube channel, that I subscribed to mentioned them in a few of her videos. When I go to purchase any drugstore makeup I go to Walgreens. (They have a great return policy, if you are unhappy with the items you purchased.)  These were on sale for $10 if you had a Walgreens card. I jumped on the offer and bought them. They usually sell for 11.99, which is a reasonable price. You can find these in the make up section at your local Walgreens.

 It took me three times using them, that they weren't as colorful as I wanted them to be. So, before you start using these colors. You will need to use an eye makeup primer. Or the colors wont be as pigmented as you would like them to be. The Maybelline Master prime eye shadow base (prime+smooth) works best with the product.  I was really impressed with the packaging for these. The size that they used is great. Big enough to hold all of the colors. But also the right size, so you can hold it while applying your eye-shadow. Perfect for holding in your hand while doing your makeup. Or storing in a makeup bag.

So far they have released 3 different collections:
The Nudes Palette-Every day natural look
The Blushed Nudes Palette- For that little pop of brightness in color
* New The Rock Nudes Palette- Edgy look

                                                 The Nudes                                                                                   The Rock Nudes                                                                                    The Blushed Nudes

  They plan to release more of the eye-shadow palette later this year in 2016

O.P.I- Spring on the Juice

posted Aug 23, 2015, 3:13 PM by Tallia W

Spring on the Juice

I love the Company O.P.I.'s product Avojuice. When I get a manicure this is the product that the spa uses.  Sometimes I bring my own if I like a certain scent.
 When I was shopping at my local supply warehouse. The store manager pointed out that  they released a spring collection,  Spring on the Juice. 

The packaging for the box is beautiful, I love the red, pink and purple flowers on the front. Backside of the packaging has information about the set, along with the ingredients in all of the lotions.

You can purchase the set for $12.95. At your local beauty supply store for professionals. Or at Sally Beauty Supply for the general public.
*Please note that these are limited edition set. 


It comes with 9 Avojuice Hand & Body Lotions
 30 ml-1 fl oz each

Scents included in the set:

Peony & Poppy
Violet Orchid
Vanilla Lavender
Sweet Lemon Sage
Coconut Melon
Cran & Berry
Ginger & Lily

They are the perfect size to pack in your purse or backpack for the gym.

Jasmine is my favorite scent so far. It smells clean and refreshing. The product leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturized.

Once again I was really impressed with this set. It had a lot of difference scents, that were perfect. The cost of the avojuice was reasonable. OPI does release different sets of the avojuice through out the year. They might possibly releasing another set for  the summer. Then a set that will come out for Christmas. The last few years the Christmas sets have been in a 6-pack. So be sure to keep your eye out in the beauty supply stores (Sally's, Ulta, & Sephora).

Often the company will make larger size of the lotions in a 6.6 fl oz bottle. That can be purchased for $6.65 each. These are perfect if you use them every day.

If you would like to find out more information on this product please visit OPI.

Sally Beauty Supplies Nail Truck Tour

posted Mar 6, 2015, 4:33 PM by Tallia Wells   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:15 PM by Tallia W ]

They have a nail truck that is currently traveling in the United States. Sally Beauty Supplies Facebook, said the truck was going to be in Arizona during the week of February 23- March 8. On March 6 the nail truck was going to be at a mall that was close to where I live.   The truck has 750 shades of nail polish on board. You can look through all the colors and get a free mini manicure.

                                                                  View  from outside of the Sally Nail Tour Truck                                                                                                 


The truck was parked outside one of the entrances of the mall in the parking lot. I got there a great time because there were no wasn't a line. Perfect, I was able to walk up and talk to the staff running the truck. After a few minutes of talking to the outside staff. They said I could go inside and looks at the nail polish colors.  All the colors that they had are now available in stores in the Nail Studio. 
    After a few minutes of me looking at the different polishes that had. I was informed that I could choose a nail polish color and get a free mini-manicure. I've always been a big fan of China Glaze so I chose a dark purple. When, it was my turn, the nail tech told me that I could choose a another color. An accent color to go along with the first color I picked. 


They had 750 nails polish shades from different companies (OPI, China Glaze, FingerPaints, and Orly.)            

The nail tech that did my mini-manicure was really nice. She asked me if I had any questions. Of course me changing my nail polish every week. My question was if she could recommend a top coat that dries fast and would last a few days. I purchased the top coat from my Cosmo Prof and I will be doing a review on it in the future. (You do have to be a licensed Professional to be able to shop at Cosmo Prof.)


  This is  what my nails looked like after they were done.


If you want to get a $5 off coupon to use  for your next Sally Beauty Supply purchase. Take a picture outside of the truck or while you are getting your nails done and us the hash tag #sallynailtour. The team has a printer that will print out your photo with a $5 coupon at the bottom of your picture. You will need to spend $25 or more to use it.
For those of you that are nail polish lovers, I suggest that you check this out. The nail truck is going to be it's tour going on for a few more months. If you would like to see where it's going to be headed next click here. The staff is really nice and it was a lot of fun.



Fall Season Pocket Bac

posted Sep 11, 2014, 7:35 PM by Tallia Wells   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:15 PM by Tallia W ]

Nothing better than having a sanitizing hand gel on your purse during the upcoming cold and flu season. Bath & Body Works in one of my favorite stores to shop in. When they get the new fall collection in I'm always eager  to try the new scents. Each year I stock up on my favorite new pocket-bac scents that have come out. The one that I like most is immediately put on my purse.

This year there have been a lot of new additions. 

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
Pumpkin Cupcake
Pumpkin Spice Latte (They were out of this,I was bummed.)
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Weekend Apple Picking
Crisp Morning Air
Cozy Vanilla Cream
A Walk in the Woods
Golden Autumn Citrus
Graham Cracker Marshmallow

From all the new scents they are out for the fall season. There were only five that I really liked and didn't seem that strong. At the store you can mix and match 5 for $5. I like the mix and match deal. I also purchased one extra of my favorite. You can purchase them for individually for $1.75 each.

My favorites this Year

A Walk in the Woods- This scent is my favorite.

Crisp Morning Air
Graham Cracker Marshmallow
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Cozy Warm Vanilla


If you really like the fall sanitizers, you can purchase the We Love Fall Collection that includes

Crisp Morning Air
A Walk in the Woods 
Golden Autumn Citrus
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Weekend Apple Picking

There is are Halloween pocket-bac scents out. I haven't had a chance to go to the store and get them yet. When I do, there will be another post. Until then you can look on their website.

Gold N' Hot Rose Gold Line

posted Aug 22, 2014, 1:52 PM by Tallia Wells   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:16 PM by Tallia W ]

I'm a big fan of Gold N' Hot products. 
For several reasons:
  1. They make great professional hair styling products.
  2. The products that they have work on my thick curly hair
  3. I've always been impressed with the new lines that they release
  4. Their styling product have been dependable
  5. My clients (I'm a licensed hairdresser) like the way the products work 
  6. Priced very reasonable
  7. Love the designs 
I follow the company on Twitter Gold N' Hot. I noticed last Friday that they were doing a giveaway for back to school. (Who doesn't love a giveaway for great styling products right!) It was one of their retweet to win the New Rose Gold Dryer and Straightening Iron. I entered to win the giveaway. On Monday morning when I was checking my twitter feed, I noticed this 

Thus why I'm doing a review on this new line.

Gold N' Hot notified me on Monday that I would have my prize would be mailed out to me soon. They literally weren't kidding, I got a box from them via UPS on Thursday. It was great seeing a big box on my doorstep. This is what was inside. The professional tools were packaged very carefully and arrived safe.

The items that on won were the following:
  • The Rose Gold Professional 1875 Dryer 
  • 1" Rose Gold Professional Straightening Iron

Professional  Rose Gold Dryer

It has a lot of great features that are helpful and make it a good product.
  • It has a lot of power- Which is good in my case, because I have a lot of hair dry
  • A removable Air-Intake
  • An 8 ft professional cord- Comes in handy 
  • Cool Shot Button
  • The dryer gives of the perfect amount of heat while I was blow-drying my hair with the comb attachment. Cut my drying time down to 35 minutes.
  • Now what really made me happy about this dryer is that it came with a snap on concentrator. (In the salon I use this tool to control air flow, while I'm using a round brush or paddle brush. To achieve a style that looking to do.)
  • For those of you with curly hair can deeply appericate this next item. It came with a Snap-on Pick Attachment. I love when dryers come with this item. It makes it so much easier to dry my curly hair and get it straight

Professional Rose Gold Straightening Iron

  • I really like the rose gold plates
  • On/Off Switch
  • 4-Hour Auto Shut-off. This is great feature that come in handy. I'm not perfect, but I do tend to leave my straightening iron on in the salon. Specially on Saturdays, it's the busy day in the salon. But it is nice to know that after 4 hours it turns off, and I'm not damaging my station.
  • The swivel cord is perfect. I'm constantly moving around when doing my hair. Or when I'm at the salon doing my clients hair. So it' nice that it has that. So I'm not damaging the cord when I'm setting it down, using it, or packing it up to be put away.
  • Power light indicator light. I don't know how many items I have plugged in my straightening iron. Done something to prep my hair, then picked up to use it. Then realized that it's not on. Light On, I know it's ready to go and I can start. Thank you to whom ever decided to put that on the product.
  • Rheostat Temperature  with control settings. Not everyone's hair can stand the same amount of heat. My hair is curly and thick so I generally use a higher temperature. I tend to use the 300-350. People with thinner hair that isn't curly should use a lower heat setting. Fi you are using this product for the first time, try using the lowest setting. Then slowly bumping up the setting to one that works for your hair, without frying it. ( As a professional I have to put this out there. Before you use a straightening iron or dryer you should "always" use a heat protection spray. It keeps your hair from being damaged.)

* Of course I used this product the day I got it. I was impressed by how lightweight it felt. The fact that it heats up so fast made me really happy. I've used other straighteners that have taken forever to heat up and it makes me crazy. This 1" was perfect for styling my hair. My short side swept  bangs looked great. The floating plates on this product are my new favorite part on this. Made it much easier when I was styling my hair. I had much more control with it.

If you would like to find out more information about these products please check out Gold N Hot's website. Or you can also follow them on their social media 


Skincare change up for the Summer

posted Jul 22, 2014, 2:26 PM by Tallia Wells   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:18 PM by Tallia W ]

Not sure about you but in the summer it seems my skin seems to suffer the most. My skin gets really dry and my face breaks out. Not a great time for that to be happening. Being by the pool with a broken out face not good. I realized that it had been awhile since I switched up my skincare for a summer routine. 

In the summer I don't tend to wear as much makeup as I do in the fall and in the winter. Living in Arizona is interesting if you have combination skin. So I trade in my foundation for a tinted moisturizer. I was walking around Walgreens the other day looking for a new tinted moisturizer. The old one I used last summer they no longer make. The nice lady in the beauty department recommended that I try No.7. She also mentioned that it was on sale and hypo-allergenic ( an added plus if you have sensitive skin). I purchased a box in medium. So I far I like the product. But I will post an update in a later blog. 

Facial wipes! Yes you know those great cloth things that take off all your makeup at the end of the day. Yeah, it was time to get a new package, of those as well. My favorite facial wipes are Yes to Blueberry Cleansing Facial wipes in 25 count. I love the smell of these clothes, fresh blueberry scent all over my face. Yes, please. The 

 Another thing I did was get another bottle of my favorite body scrub (St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub).My dermatologist recommend that I use it to help improve my skin, so I decided to try it.  I've been using that scrub for three years, that is the best product for getting rid of dead skin. I'm always amazed on how much skin improves after I've used the product each time. Having combination skin has always been a hard thing to deal with. But having a good scrub has made a huge difference. Less breakout and a lot less blemishes on my face.

Keeping your skin healthy and protected is really important. Having a daily rotundness for your face. Will make a big diffidence the long run. Specially now a days. It's a full time commitment to staying with good beauty products.

Plus since everyone is taking picture with one another. Then there is the social media aspect of it. Come on, admit you how many times have you changed your profile picture. Because you looked better in the new one that you just took. So keeping your skin in good shape will help improve your selfie on your next Instagram picture (without a filter)!

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