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Gold N' Hot Rose Gold Line

posted Aug 22, 2014, 1:52 PM by Tallia Wells   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:16 PM by Tallia W ]
I'm a big fan of Gold N' Hot products. 
For several reasons:
  1. They make great professional hair styling products.
  2. The products that they have work on my thick curly hair
  3. I've always been impressed with the new lines that they release
  4. Their styling product have been dependable
  5. My clients (I'm a licensed hairdresser) like the way the products work 
  6. Priced very reasonable
  7. Love the designs 
I follow the company on Twitter Gold N' Hot. I noticed last Friday that they were doing a giveaway for back to school. (Who doesn't love a giveaway for great styling products right!) It was one of their retweet to win the New Rose Gold Dryer and Straightening Iron. I entered to win the giveaway. On Monday morning when I was checking my twitter feed, I noticed this 

Thus why I'm doing a review on this new line.

Gold N' Hot notified me on Monday that I would have my prize would be mailed out to me soon. They literally weren't kidding, I got a box from them via UPS on Thursday. It was great seeing a big box on my doorstep. This is what was inside. The professional tools were packaged very carefully and arrived safe.

The items that on won were the following:
  • The Rose Gold Professional 1875 Dryer 
  • 1" Rose Gold Professional Straightening Iron

Professional  Rose Gold Dryer

It has a lot of great features that are helpful and make it a good product.
  • It has a lot of power- Which is good in my case, because I have a lot of hair dry
  • A removable Air-Intake
  • An 8 ft professional cord- Comes in handy 
  • Cool Shot Button
  • The dryer gives of the perfect amount of heat while I was blow-drying my hair with the comb attachment. Cut my drying time down to 35 minutes.
  • Now what really made me happy about this dryer is that it came with a snap on concentrator. (In the salon I use this tool to control air flow, while I'm using a round brush or paddle brush. To achieve a style that looking to do.)
  • For those of you with curly hair can deeply appericate this next item. It came with a Snap-on Pick Attachment. I love when dryers come with this item. It makes it so much easier to dry my curly hair and get it straight

Professional Rose Gold Straightening Iron

  • I really like the rose gold plates
  • On/Off Switch
  • 4-Hour Auto Shut-off. This is great feature that come in handy. I'm not perfect, but I do tend to leave my straightening iron on in the salon. Specially on Saturdays, it's the busy day in the salon. But it is nice to know that after 4 hours it turns off, and I'm not damaging my station.
  • The swivel cord is perfect. I'm constantly moving around when doing my hair. Or when I'm at the salon doing my clients hair. So it' nice that it has that. So I'm not damaging the cord when I'm setting it down, using it, or packing it up to be put away.
  • Power light indicator light. I don't know how many items I have plugged in my straightening iron. Done something to prep my hair, then picked up to use it. Then realized that it's not on. Light On, I know it's ready to go and I can start. Thank you to whom ever decided to put that on the product.
  • Rheostat Temperature  with control settings. Not everyone's hair can stand the same amount of heat. My hair is curly and thick so I generally use a higher temperature. I tend to use the 300-350. People with thinner hair that isn't curly should use a lower heat setting. Fi you are using this product for the first time, try using the lowest setting. Then slowly bumping up the setting to one that works for your hair, without frying it. ( As a professional I have to put this out there. Before you use a straightening iron or dryer you should "always" use a heat protection spray. It keeps your hair from being damaged.)

* Of course I used this product the day I got it. I was impressed by how lightweight it felt. The fact that it heats up so fast made me really happy. I've used other straighteners that have taken forever to heat up and it makes me crazy. This 1" was perfect for styling my hair. My short side swept  bangs looked great. The floating plates on this product are my new favorite part on this. Made it much easier when I was styling my hair. I had much more control with it.

If you would like to find out more information about these products please check out Gold N Hot's website. Or you can also follow them on their social media