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Mayelline Eye-Shadow Makeup Palette Collection

posted Mar 4, 2016, 12:31 PM by Tallia W

Maybelline has started to make some great eye-shadow palettes  in 2015. They are perfect for makeup lovers or people just starting to build up their own makeup collection. These palettes come with 12 different shades of color. The colors are perfectly matched for the collection that it was intended for. 

I started using these when I noticed that a YouTube channel, that I subscribed to mentioned them in a few of her videos. When I go to purchase any drugstore makeup I go to Walgreens. (They have a great return policy, if you are unhappy with the items you purchased.)  These were on sale for $10 if you had a Walgreens card. I jumped on the offer and bought them. They usually sell for 11.99, which is a reasonable price. You can find these in the make up section at your local Walgreens.

 It took me three times using them, that they weren't as colorful as I wanted them to be. So, before you start using these colors. You will need to use an eye makeup primer. Or the colors wont be as pigmented as you would like them to be. The Maybelline Master prime eye shadow base (prime+smooth) works best with the product.  I was really impressed with the packaging for these. The size that they used is great. Big enough to hold all of the colors. But also the right size, so you can hold it while applying your eye-shadow. Perfect for holding in your hand while doing your makeup. Or storing in a makeup bag.

So far they have released 3 different collections:
The Nudes Palette-Every day natural look
The Blushed Nudes Palette- For that little pop of brightness in color
* New The Rock Nudes Palette- Edgy look

                                                 The Nudes                                                                                   The Rock Nudes                                                                                    The Blushed Nudes

  They plan to release more of the eye-shadow palette later this year in 2016