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Star Antiques & Things

posted Feb 1, 2020, 7:01 PM by Tallia W

February 1, 2020

May of you who have been following me for a while. Know that I love buying a lot of my clothes that is in my current wardrobe from local companies in my home town. I have amazing news to share with all of you. My very good friend Michelle who introduced me to the world of vintage clothing has a new store location in downtown Star, Idaho. Today I made the drive to go visit her new store. It was well worth the drive. Two hours later, I'm very glad she didn't mind me staying so long to look at everything. It was a perfect shopping visit. Several items a clothing and accessories went home with me.


Michelle Sligar owner of Star Antiques & Things.

Michelle is an amazing women, who helped me find the love for vintage clothing, and accessories. We first met when she had her store Lux in downtown Boise. She started me off with my bakelite bracelet collection. Then continued to educate me on vintage clothing, and how to style them. Along side some of the modern fashion I own. She is informative on how to store, and clean vintage. 



Towards the back of the store is where all of the clothes that she sells can be found. Clothes were organized by size and style.  Jeans were on sale for 50% off. Everything with a Orange Slash was 40% off. Michelle is there if you have any questions about any of the clothing. Or you need to find something to go with an outfit that you currently have. The dressing room is perfect for trying on things to make sure you get a good fit.


Star Antiques & Things is located on 11152 W. State Street
Star, Idaho 83669
(208) 713-2007

Store Hours

Sunday - Monday                        CLOSED
Tuesday - Saturday       11:00 am - 6:00 pm


Vintage Sunglasses

posted Apr 1, 2015, 3:24 PM by Tallia W   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:19 PM ]

Living in a state a sun state. I always want protection for my eyes. My inspiration for collection vintage sunglasses came from the show L.A. Frock Stars  and Vogue. It's filmed at the store  The Way We Wore. The owner of the store Doris Raymond is amazing. She has an entire store dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories. Doris not only has a wide selection, but she also educates you on the vintage items. She can tell you the history behind the item and the designer. In many of the episodes of the show her staff is always wearing these amazing Sunglasses.

 So that got me thinking, summer is coming up soon. Many of us are going to be outside. I'm one of those women who likes to change my look for the summer. That also means getting new accessories that match. Sunglasses are one of the big accessories that women around the summer. Don't know a single woman that doesn't have more than 3 pairs of sunglasses. I like to have my accessories match what I'm wearing
Top: The black pair of sunglasses I have had for a few years. I found those at a shop when I lived in Idaho.
Bottom: The orange round sunglasses I found in a thrift store there in AZ.

Vintage sunglasses are perfect for the summer. There are so many different types, colors and shapes. My favorite type of vintage sunglasses are form the 1970's and Jackie-O. The bigger the sunglasses are the better. The Tortoiseshell and over sized are my personal favorite. 
Top: 1960's Over-sized Round Bug Eyed Vintage Mod Two Toned Yellow Liilac & Lavender, Etsy
Bottom: Over-sized Gold Metal Red Big Round. I love these, Etsy

The seller mentioned to me that these are similar to the one's Actress Amy Adams Wore in American Hussle.
They kind of look like the one's she's wearing. 

Top: Over-sized sunglasses, Retro Brown Tortoise Shell, Etsy
Bottom: Vintage Brown Tortoise Shell Light brown, Etsy

If you are looking for vintage sunglasses you will need to go to vintage stores or Etsy. I like shopping on Etsy for several reasons. There are so many sunglasses listed, lots of shops, and you can refine your search. Many of the sellers will email you, and ask if you are looking for something. That they can keep an eye out for you. Makes things easier when you are looking for something specific. I had a seller the other day that emailed me a few pictures. Of some sunglasses that I might be interested in. They were just what I was looking for so I purchased them. Etsy also takes has different payment options Credit Cards, Etsy gift-cards, and they also accept Pay Pal.

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