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Star Antiques & Things

posted Feb 1, 2020, 7:01 PM by Tallia W

February 1, 2020

May of you who have been following me for a while. Know that I love buying a lot of my clothes that is in my current wardrobe from local companies in my home town. I have amazing news to share with all of you. My very good friend Michelle who introduced me to the world of vintage clothing has a new store location in downtown Star, Idaho. Today I made the drive to go visit her new store. It was well worth the drive. Two hours later, I'm very glad she didn't mind me staying so long to look at everything. It was a perfect shopping visit. Several items a clothing and accessories went home with me.


Michelle Sligar owner of Star Antiques & Things.

Michelle is an amazing women, who helped me find the love for vintage clothing, and accessories. We first met when she had her store Lux in downtown Boise. She started me off with my bakelite bracelet collection. Then continued to educate me on vintage clothing, and how to style them. Along side some of the modern fashion I own. She is informative on how to store, and clean vintage. 



Towards the back of the store is where all of the clothes that she sells can be found. Clothes were organized by size and style.  Jeans were on sale for 50% off. Everything with a Orange Slash was 40% off. Michelle is there if you have any questions about any of the clothing. Or you need to find something to go with an outfit that you currently have. The dressing room is perfect for trying on things to make sure you get a good fit.


Star Antiques & Things is located on 11152 W. State Street
Star, Idaho 83669
(208) 713-2007

Store Hours

Sunday - Monday                        CLOSED
Tuesday - Saturday       11:00 am - 6:00 pm