Phoenix Comic Con 2016

posted Jun 10, 2016, 11:54 AM by Tallia W

My favorite part of the beginning of Summer is getting to attend Phoenix Comic Con. I attended the event on Friday this year. 
In years past the event has sold out on Saturdays. Since this is a common thing that happens. Due to so many people attending the event. I bought my Saturday ticket months ago. That way all I have to do is print my ticket the night before the event.   Then pick up mt badge at the registration and go into the event.

 When I got to the event with my friends we ended up waiting in line for almost 2 hours. Just to get into registration fro the event. (Bring water, sunscreen and a hat). That weekend it was over 113*F outside. 

After getting through registration my friends and I went into the main hall. Where you can purchase art work and everything that a Geek could possibly want. My goal is to get new art work for my office. I tend to by new art from my two favorite artist Val Brazier- Mystery Babylon . I have purchased some of her Doctor Who Prints in the past. They are amazing and look great framed. The other artist that I am a huge fan of is Meghan O-Connell-Dirty Teacup Designs. She creates beautiful works of art. I have prints from her fashion villains. This year I purchased a Ursula pinup print and a pinup girl in bourbon glass. 

The Hero Hall on the 4th Floor of the event center is where there are a lot of professional Cos Players are. The celebrities from TV and movies are also on this floor. My friend Marcia and I walked around the floor and took pictures with people.  I was lucky enough to get a picture with Ms. Karan Ashley. As a little girl she was my favorite Yellow Power Ranger. She was even kind enough to talk to me for a few minutes. Before we took the picture. 

 While I was asking a professional Cos Player. Who was  dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. If I could please get a picture with him. After I was done asking him. A gentleman walked up and started talking to him. When I turned to look at him, I noticed that it was Professional Cos Player Michael Huffman. I follow him on Facebook. Right away I said Mike, he looked at me. And said I think I know you from Facebook right? Yes. I asked if he had time for us to get a picture together. He kindly agreed.  ( Michael is very tall, you can tell by the picture.) He also is a gentleman. 

The Captain Jack Sparrow gentleman was great. He had Jack down to the letter. Perfect. Even when he walked he had pirate swag walk down. I thanked him for the picture. 

Marcia and I kept walking around the floor. When turned the corner I noticed a tall man with a crowd around his table. I looked up at the sign and noticed it was actor Sam J. Jones. The actor who played in the movie Flash Gordon. Couldn't believe it. He is a tall gentleman who was very nice to his fans. Even when the lady who walked past his table and sang Flash Ahhh (very off key)!


The hall had 4 floors of things that people could attend different  events. There were even classes on how to make the costumes for cosplay and cosplay makeup. We stayed at the event for 5 hours. Then we headed outside to take pictures o the cars from different movies and TV show. Every car from Baby from Supernatural to vehicles from Mad Max Road Fury. Although I have to say the crew from Mad Max were great. They were letting people take close up pictures with the cars. And even let people take pictures with them. Yes, of course I took a picture with them. The tall gentleman was hilarious. He growled at me, don't he expected me to do it right back to him. We both laughed, then he and you can come stand me to me.  

All in all the Phoenix Comic Con was a lot of fun this year. Although if I attend next year I will be buying a fast pass. So I don't have to wait in line. The event coordinators got the total for attendance. 100,000 people attended this year. Makes sense, it's a popular event. If you ever get a chance to attend a Comic Con in your area or invited to one. Please go you will not regret going.  

The Impossible Project

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If you are a photographer that has a love for vintage cameras. Polaroid camera users rejoice, there is a company  that makes film for our camera. The Impossible Film Project  is a great company. 

 My  camera I use is a Polaroid Spectra QPS. 

I wasn't sure what type of film I needed for my camera so I emailed the customer service. Within ten minutes they answered my question and provided a link. The link provided showed me all the film that could be used for my camera. After looking at the choices that I had. I proceeded to make an order. Since they I only ordered 2 boxes of film. The black & white and the colored film were $23.49 each . If I like the film then, there will be another order made in the future.

They have a variety of film

Color Film
Black & White
Black Frame
Round Frame (Black, White &Color)
Skins Edition
Poisoned Paradise
Cyan & Magenta
Film for 8 x 10 Cameras & backs

The following Cameras have film available
600-Type cameras
SX-70 Cameras
Image/ Spectra Cameras

The  B& W Image & Spectra film worked well. It took 5 minutes for the chemicals in the film to fully process. But the pictures turned out great. But the Color Image & Spectra film was a different story. Mind you the film does take 40-45 minutes for the film to full develop. But I apparently got a bad batch of film. Took 3 pictures  with my camera and the pictures didn't develop at all. That really didn't make me happy. I ended up contacting the company. You know the entire song and dance of questions. Several emails later, I got an email back. They were kind enough to mail me a new pack of film. The pictures taken with the new pack of film worked great. Pictures turned out good.

Side Note: If you have not used The Impossible Projects Film before. Please read the directions on the back of the film when you get it. It's  very important, if you want your pictures to develop correctly. 


posted Apr 29, 2015, 5:41 PM by Tallia W

My husband was on Imgur on day and discovered this game a user had posted about. He logged on to their website and bought the entire set. We got the game on Saturday and played it with our friends.

If you are a big fan of Cards Against Humanity. Then you will love the game SuperFight .

Game Includes

500 Card Main Card Deck
Core Deck Expansion
The Orange Deck (Geek)
The Red Deck (Adults Only)
The Blue Deck ( Locations)
The Purple Deck (Scenarios)
The Green Deck (This is the deck you can use. If you are doing a family game with kids.)

Purple Card: Scenario
Blue Card: Location of the fight

This was one of the players in the games card.

Some of the battles that we had were amusing. A few of us had to give our reasons why that person or thing would win over. The other players card. For example Zeus vs. Her Hermione Granger. Yeah, Zeus won that battle, come on he's a Greek God. Smart as Hermione Granger is. She still couldn't bet Zeus, so the person with that card won.

This was the one of the funniest rounds

Baby Jesus vs.  He-Man
Scenario: Players swapped cards for the scenario 
Location: In the Roman Colosseum
What the characters had for the battle

If you are going to play this game. I recommend that you play it in a small group. We had 10 in ours and it took a while. But it was still entertaining. 

To purchase this game please go to


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Being a member  of the online group  Phoenix Comic Con group on Facebook. A lot of users were talking about this great new series on Netflix, Daredevil. Been a kid that read a lot of comics growing up. I was really interested in seeing the series. Being that it's based on Stan Lee & Bill Everett creation. Well why wouldn't you want to watch it.

Creator Drew Goddard  did an amazing with this series. Like many of you that get hooked into  a new show. I watched the series and finished it in two weeks. The show was has a impressive cast. Each of them were really good at portraying their roles.  Unlike the movie that came out in 2003, this version of Daredevil. The story line will have you hooked from the very first episode. None of that filler crap, that no one wants to see. It gets right to the point. You get a good understanding of Matt Murdock character and what leads him to becoming Daredevil. 

Now I have to admit it took me a while to figure out the actor who plays Mr. Fisk. But when I found out it was actor Vincent D'Onofrio, I was shocked. He really transformed himself to get into character. He had such a soft spoken voice and no hair that I had. No clue that it was him. But he defiantly impressed me with his version of the character. Yes, I know that his character has issues. But he played a perfect version of the character I used to read in comic book.

Of course they wanted to cast an actor who would fit the role of Matt Murdock. Charlie Cox, hats off to you sir. It can't be easy playing a character who is blind. But also has the training, knowledge, and skillet to play this character. Yes, he does have the moves that we all want to see when taking down a bad guy. But he also has the smile and charm, that will earn him a lot of female fans. It's the truth, just have to say it.

With the success of the show. A lot of fans are hoping for a second season. They covered a lot in this first season. But like many other comics, there is always more than one chapter in a good story. Let's hope that Netflix continues it. 

Shortly after me finishing up this post Netflix announced that Daredevil will be having a second season.

Season 1: 13 Episodes 
Running Time: 48-59 Minutes
The Show Original Aired on April 10, 2015

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