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posted Apr 27, 2015, 7:13 PM by Tallia W

Being a member  of the online group  Phoenix Comic Con group on Facebook. A lot of users were talking about this great new series on Netflix, Daredevil. Been a kid that read a lot of comics growing up. I was really interested in seeing the series. Being that it's based on Stan Lee & Bill Everett creation. Well why wouldn't you want to watch it.

Creator Drew Goddard  did an amazing with this series. Like many of you that get hooked into  a new show. I watched the series and finished it in two weeks. The show was has a impressive cast. Each of them were really good at portraying their roles.  Unlike the movie that came out in 2003, this version of Daredevil. The story line will have you hooked from the very first episode. None of that filler crap, that no one wants to see. It gets right to the point. You get a good understanding of Matt Murdock character and what leads him to becoming Daredevil. 

Now I have to admit it took me a while to figure out the actor who plays Mr. Fisk. But when I found out it was actor Vincent D'Onofrio, I was shocked. He really transformed himself to get into character. He had such a soft spoken voice and no hair that I had. No clue that it was him. But he defiantly impressed me with his version of the character. Yes, I know that his character has issues. But he played a perfect version of the character I used to read in comic book.

Of course they wanted to cast an actor who would fit the role of Matt Murdock. Charlie Cox, hats off to you sir. It can't be easy playing a character who is blind. But also has the training, knowledge, and skillet to play this character. Yes, he does have the moves that we all want to see when taking down a bad guy. But he also has the smile and charm, that will earn him a lot of female fans. It's the truth, just have to say it.

With the success of the show. A lot of fans are hoping for a second season. They covered a lot in this first season. But like many other comics, there is always more than one chapter in a good story. Let's hope that Netflix continues it. 

Shortly after me finishing up this post Netflix announced that Daredevil will be having a second season.

Season 1: 13 Episodes 
Running Time: 48-59 Minutes
The Show Original Aired on April 10, 2015