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posted Apr 29, 2015, 5:41 PM by Tallia W
My husband was on Imgur on day and discovered this game a user had posted about. He logged on to their website and bought the entire set. We got the game on Saturday and played it with our friends.

If you are a big fan of Cards Against Humanity. Then you will love the game SuperFight .

Game Includes

500 Card Main Card Deck
Core Deck Expansion
The Orange Deck (Geek)
The Red Deck (Adults Only)
The Blue Deck ( Locations)
The Purple Deck (Scenarios)
The Green Deck (This is the deck you can use. If you are doing a family game with kids.)

Purple Card: Scenario
Blue Card: Location of the fight

This was one of the players in the games card.

Some of the battles that we had were amusing. A few of us had to give our reasons why that person or thing would win over. The other players card. For example Zeus vs. Her Hermione Granger. Yeah, Zeus won that battle, come on he's a Greek God. Smart as Hermione Granger is. She still couldn't bet Zeus, so the person with that card won.

This was the one of the funniest rounds

Baby Jesus vs.  He-Man
Scenario: Players swapped cards for the scenario 
Location: In the Roman Colosseum
What the characters had for the battle

If you are going to play this game. I recommend that you play it in a small group. We had 10 in ours and it took a while. But it was still entertaining. 

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