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The Impossible Project

posted Jun 23, 2015, 1:58 PM by Tallia W   [ updated Jul 20, 2015, 11:00 PM by Tallia Wells ]
If you are a photographer that has a love for vintage cameras. Polaroid camera users rejoice, there is a company  that makes film for our camera. The Impossible Film Project  is a great company. 

 My  camera I use is a Polaroid Spectra QPS. 

I wasn't sure what type of film I needed for my camera so I emailed the customer service. Within ten minutes they answered my question and provided a link. The link provided showed me all the film that could be used for my camera. After looking at the choices that I had. I proceeded to make an order. Since they I only ordered 2 boxes of film. The black & white and the colored film were $23.49 each . If I like the film then, there will be another order made in the future.

They have a variety of film

Color Film
Black & White
Black Frame
Round Frame (Black, White &Color)
Skins Edition
Poisoned Paradise
Cyan & Magenta
Film for 8 x 10 Cameras & backs

The following Cameras have film available
600-Type cameras
SX-70 Cameras
Image/ Spectra Cameras

The  B& W Image & Spectra film worked well. It took 5 minutes for the chemicals in the film to fully process. But the pictures turned out great. But the Color Image & Spectra film was a different story. Mind you the film does take 40-45 minutes for the film to full develop. But I apparently got a bad batch of film. Took 3 pictures  with my camera and the pictures didn't develop at all. That really didn't make me happy. I ended up contacting the company. You know the entire song and dance of questions. Several emails later, I got an email back. They were kind enough to mail me a new pack of film. The pictures taken with the new pack of film worked great. Pictures turned out good.

Side Note: If you have not used The Impossible Projects Film before. Please read the directions on the back of the film when you get it. It's  very important, if you want your pictures to develop correctly.