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Contintuing stories after Pride & Prejudice

posted Dec 10, 2014, 9:42 PM by Tallia W   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:22 PM ]
Since I'm a member of I'm always looking for good recommendations on books to read. I came across a recommendation for The Dracy's of Pemberley. The book was part of a short two book series of the continuing stories of the characters from Pride & Prejudice. I added the two books to my To Read List and started reading the first book The Dracy's of Pemberley. I tend to use Audible a lot when I'm busy, it comes in handy. I like reading the book and listening to it at the same time. That may seem odd to people, but I've been reading some books that way for years.

The Dracy's of Pemberley series author Shannon Winslow did a great job. I liked the book.She kept the character personalities the same way that it was in the original book. Although it is nice to see Elizabeth, and Mr. Dracy happily married and still very much in love with each other. Many of the other characters in the book were present and still had their charming personalities. Well, expect Mrs. Bennett. She still is scheming, gossiping, and attempting to get her other daughters married off. Don't really think that the women will ever change. Don't even get me started on Lydia. You want to know more about the trouble maker read the book.

Book # 1: The Dracy's of Pemberley

I read this book in a week it was so good.That every time I had a spare minute, I was reading the book. As you can tell by the title it focuses on Mr. Darcy, his wife Elizabeth,Darcy's younger sister Georgiana, and Colonel Fitzwilliam. It was been a year since the couple has been married and they are enjoying their life at the beautiful estate Pemberley. The couple is very much in love and hopefully will be making future additions to their family. Being Dracy's wife, Elizabeth has a responsibility of providing an ire, to uphold the family name. 

Young Georgiana is becoming a accomplished young lady. She is going to be coming of age and soon will be introduced in public. She is still a sweet loving young sister that is much adored by her brother. Although she starts to develop serious feelings for someone, whom she deeply cares about. Doing so she almost makes a little bit of trouble.

Colonel Fitzwilliam is mentioned a lot more in this book.He was a good character, and has great gentlemen manners. Things seem to be going very well for him in the book until his aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Assumes that she can take over his life and makes plans for him.(Read the book, I'm not going to spoil it for you.

Many of the other beloved characters are mentioned in the book. Jane her her husband Mr. Bingley are still the cutest couple. Jane being the oldest sister still has the sweetest disposition. Her husband is loving towards his wife and showers her with love and affection. They have many changes in their life and intend on starting a new venture.

Book # 2:  
Return to Longborn 

Yes at the end of first book you were curious to see what has happened with the other family members still living at Longborn. As Mrs. Bennett says, what is to become of us. This book fills in a lot of the missing information not mentioned in the book # 1. There is a gentlemen Mr. Tristian Collins that is introduced. Yes, you can already guess. Mrs. Bennett in her wisdom wants one of her daughters to marry him. But which daughter is to marry the young gentlemen who is to be the new owner of Longborn. Mary or Kitty.

I do have to warn you the beginning of this book does have a little bit of heart break. So bust out a box of Kleenex.

Mary Bennet the was the sister that was always thought to be the odd one of the bunch. In this book we find more out her. She is a governess to a wealthy man with children. But being a governess has it's good points and bad points. None the less she enjoys spending with the children. While doing her duties a situation comes up and causes Mary to flee the beautiful the estate. 

Kitty on the other hand is still young and boy crazy as ever. Much like her sister Lydia, she enjoys attending parities at her old sisters homes.That is until her mother instructs her that she needs to marry a young man. A marriage they will benefit the family.

The second book was better than the first. I really enjoyed reading about the younger sisters. Everyone in the family ends up having a happy ending.