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Kindle vs. Nook

posted Jan 15, 2015, 4:52 PM by Tallia W   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:20 PM ]

A lot of people that are serious book readers are now converting to using an e-reader. Don't blame them at all. I was one of those people that was constantly ordering books online. Then had to wait while they were being shipped to the house.  Not always a fun thing when there is a new release of a book. I love reading the new book as soon as it comes out.  There are many benefits to owning a e-reader, and there are also a few draw-backs. Hopefully this post and the wisdom of others will help you narrow down your choice of which best for you.

My loving husband saw how many books I owned. Then gave me a rather odd look and asked why I didn't have an e-reader. Guess I had never thought about it. Thus, he bought me a Nook 1st edition. At the time I was a Barnes and Noble member and was happy with their products. My Nook was wonderful. It was nice having so many books all in one place. Best part is the device is portable. Then I realized that I couldn't read magazines on the Nook. Something we had originally asked the salesperson at the Barnes and Noble store. The Nook first edition was nice, but then it started having issues when the software updates. Customer service was contacted several times. The fix they told me was always the same, restart your device, and then do a factory reset.  It got to the point that I ended up using the original software that came with the device. Kind of a disappointment.  
  A year later I bought a Nook Color. This device was great for reading my books and magazines on it. But then I started having problems with the device. Luckily customer service was able to help with the issues the device had. No problems with the software updates. My only issue with the device is it seemed that I had to charge it more frequently. Nothing is more disappointing then wanting to read your book and discovering that the device is dead. So then you are stuck waiting for it to charge. Maybe it's just me being a high end user. So I decided to stop using my 2nd Nook and put it in storage.  A short time later it was purchased by a close friend, for her son who loves to read. Kiddo seems to be happy with it, so it has a good home.
 I'm now a proud owner of a Kindle. The device has had no problems. It's perfect, I even have custom wallpapers on the device. Books I order digitally from Amazon sow up within seconds of me purchasing them. My kindle has tons of storage for lots and lots of books.

If you are still unsure about what device is for you.? May I suggest, that you read reviews on different websites. Customers will always tell you what they really think of the product. Compare the price of digital books between companies.  Granted e-readers have changed over the last several years. They seem to be improving with each year. Please note that Amazon and Barnes and Noble are not the only companies that make e-readers. Several companies have their own version. Simply narrow it down to price, selection, specifications, and preference.