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Splintered Book Series

posted Oct 16, 2015, 3:52 PM by Tallia W

Ever had a book on your reading list that was recommended by a friend? You know that book that has been on your to read list for months on Goodreads. But you have been avoiding reading it. I had an entire series recommend by a friend that I never had any interest of reading. Why? The cover art from the series was rather odd to me. Last month I had finished another book series. Then I got to that problem that we all dread. What the heck do I read next? Looked through my to read list and started reading reviews from other users. Finally, I decided to read the Splintered series. If you are a big fan of Alice in Wonderland book series, then you must add this to your reading list. Author A.G. Howard is a genius. Big suggestion is to buy all of the books at once, seriously just do it. FYI, the last book doesn't come out til December.
The first book in the series I got the kindle version of it. I honestly have to say I was hooked on this book after I read the first three chapters. The main character Alyssa Gardner is not your ordinary teenager. She has a view special things about her, that make her unique in ways she never knew. Even though the world around her had had it's up and downs. Things seem to change wants she reaches at certain age. Her character learns that a story that she loved as a child. Is far darker then the original story leads on. Thanks to some events, that happened in her families past. Alyssa learned that she is far more important then she comes to realize. All these things start to change into something that will take her down a path. One that she will have to decide on things that effect not only her family. But other important people in her life. One of them being the her best friends brother. And the other being someone that she fondly remembers from her childhood.
One character in this book reminds me a lot of Jareth from Labyrinth. Good looking with all the charms, but has a side of him. That you often wonder what he really has planned for you. He tends to do things that you think are helpful. But later you find out that he does things, for his own advantage.  Yes, there will be times when you are reading this series. When you will be shaking your head and rolling your eyes. But like he says he really means well. Yet what he does, is for the best of the main character.  I ended up liking at the end of the first book. 
When you read the books you will understand the cover art. I'm not going to spoil it for you. But each cover represents something in the books. 

The series has 5 books in it:

Book# 1: Splintered

Book #1.5: Moth in the Mirror
( Mini-book)

Book #2: Unhinged

Book # 3: Ensnared

Book #4 Untamed
(Please note that this book isn't out til December 2015)