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The Accursed Kings Series

posted Jun 15, 2015, 5:31 PM by Tallia W
Have you ever read book series that a friend recommended? The first two books, in the series are great. Then you buy the next book . While trying to get into the third book. You discover this isn't as great as you thought it was. Then you are in that horrible situation. Do I ditch this book? Or do I painfully continue to read this book and finish it? That's the problem I'm having right now. If you follow me on Goodreads you can see the progress that I have made in this book so far. 

I'm reading Book #3 -The Poisoned Crown in The Accursed Kings Series by Maurice Duron. The first few chapters were OK, but not great. This author is not keeping my attention with this book. It just seems like it takes him forever to get to the point. The disappointing thing I was really interested. In finding out what happens to a character that I like in the book. One that is hardly mentioned. So after I finish this book. I will not be reading the other books in this series. Just seems it has lots it appeal to me. Once that happens it's very hard for me to want to continue reading a series. Maybe other people will like to continue reading this. But it's not going to get a great review from me.

This book series is highly recommended by George RR Martin (Author of A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones). He is an amazing author that I highly respect. But this book series is nothing like Game of Thrones to me. Please research more about these book before you buy all of them.