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Sleepy Hallow Season 2

posted Oct 12, 2014, 5:57 PM by Tallia Wells   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 7:26 PM by Tallia W ]

The time has finally come for Season 2 of Sleepy Hallow. The ending of last season had a lot of us yelling at the TV no way, just no way. The shocker in the last episode came as big surprise. (Spoilers) With Ichabod Crane being buried alive, Katrina Crane being given taken away by the headless horseman. All thanks to their son. 

Season 2 premiered in the US Mon 9/8 c on September 22, 2014 


This new season is off to a good start. Ichabod freed himself from the prison, Lt. Mills is out of her own version of purgatory. Jenny seems to be her charming self and still very gun happy. While Katrina is being held captive by the headless horseman and bad situation is Captain Irving. 

Henry Parrish (War) has teamed up with the Headless Horseman and is causing trouble all over Sleepy Hallow. Moloch is still making plans to escape from Purgatory. So of course this leaves our two witnesses with their hands full. Ichabod still has his great words of wisdom when it comes to correcting historical errors. Personally I find them funny, and look forward to the new episodes. When he makes his great speeches.  The writers on this show often having me laughing and crying at the same time. With all of the one liners.

Not really sure about Katrina. I know that she is Ichabod's loving wife, but she tents to leave out a lot of important details that could be really helpful. Kind of makes me wonder what side she is really on.

Every new episode has been impressive and educational at the same time. I will put this out there, won't  be able to look at one of our founding fathers the same way. ( You will have to watch this season to know what I mean.)