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The White Princess

posted Jun 7, 2017, 1:52 PM by Tallia Wells

The series is based on the book based on author Phillipa Gregory. This is the story of Elizabeth of York, the White Queens eldest daughter. Princess Elizabeth is promised in marriage to Henry VII. If you were a fan of the book you will not be disappointed with. The 8 episode series TV series that premiered on Starz, 2017.  Although I was hoping this series would have had more episodes in it. They covered a lot that happened. I was really impressed with how much they kept the story-line with the book.

The White Princess story takes off right after the ending of The White Queen . After the death of King Richard III on the battlefield. Henry the the VII is proclaimed King of England. Princess Elizabeth is promised in marriage to the new King. In order to unite the two houses. Elizabeth is forced into this arrangement and isn't pleased. That she is to marry a person she hates and killed the man she loved. King Henry isn't trilled about marrying the daughter of the White Queen. But does it to help his reign as King. 

Costume director Phoebe de Gaye did an amazing job with this series. She made each costume for he characters fit perfectly for each character. Jodie Comer who plays Princess Elizabeth looked absolutely stunning. From the time she was princess, to when she became Queen. The different fabrics and shades she wore were perfect. The jewelry she wore wasn't overdone. Simple and beautiful, perfect matching the dresses she wore for the different scenes. I was amazed how she changed her style throughout each episode. Making each one of them fit her personality and the emotions she was feeling.

 To tell the Ms. de Gaye did a great job with all of the characters. Michelle Fairley's character Margaret Beaufort (My lady the Kings Mother) costumes perfectly matched the character. She was always in dark clothing. With a matching cross to go with each of them. Very fitting of Margaret and her lifestyle. Being mother to the King, she was very well dressed. Looking like a lady of the court and a religious women. 

Ms. Fairley impressed me with how well she portrayed her character. She was a demanding strong willed women. Who would stop at nothing to insure that her sons reign as King. Was successful and had no problem displaying her strength of power. Of being mother to the King. I cringed every-time I heard characters say my lady the Kings Mother. Fairley certainly got the temper and controlling ways of the character down. From tell her son that she would have the Queens rooms connected to her sons. Then keeping the court in her control of what she wanted. How she wanted things done in a time of crisis. Even  when people started seeing through her lies.

My favorite line from the show was: You are to close Lady Mother step back. Strong words with several meanings and warnings, all in once sentence.