Vintage Train Cases


Often I look at Instagram late at night looking for new things to add to my collection. One thing I am constantly on the hunt for is vintage train cases in different colors. A few weeks ago I was looking through Enchanted Objects page. Notice that they had these two perfect cases in a photo. I immediately sent them a DM. To ask if they were available, and if I could pick them up the next day. The red case is a American Tourister case that you open the case by the sides. Blue case is a Samsonite case, that I was very happy to discover had a tray that came with it. It's not very often that vintage cases still have the original tray still included with it. So this was a great surprise when I opened it. These two cases will be added to my other 3 cases in my collection. That I use to store vintage hair accessories.

1950s Ladies Felt Hat


This beautiful hat was in a booth at The Antique World Mall Boise. One of the very kind ladies who works at the front counter. Mentioned that she had a hat that was just my style in her booth. I am in love with this hat. Perfect for the winter season. It original had netting with it that was in bad shape. So I removed it, and plan to add new netting to it.

Gold Tone Glove Clips -Holder Gloves 1920s -1930s


Boise's Best Market Place in Boise. Has a Vendor Marie is one of the best vendors for antique and vintage items. She mentioned that she had something. That would be a perfect edition to my vintage purses. These glove holders are perfect for securing my gloves to my purses. They are a perfect edition to my collection.

Plaid Train Case


Fancydollhouse on had this beautiful plaid train case listed on her Instagram page. She was thinking of listening it for sale. I mentioned that I loved it. If she listed it for sale, I would buy it from her. Soon as she messaged me, that it was for sale. I immediately bought it. This will beautiful in my beauty room in the upcoming holiday season.

Antique Leather Samsonite Train Case


I have a leather suitcase I inherited from my husbands family. Today, I found the matching train case at Antique World Mall. It has a scratch on the front of it. But other wise it's in great condition. Looking forward to using it in future photos.