Antique Sterling Silver Top Dresser Jar


I have seen this at The Antique World Mall Boise the last few times I was in. Decided since I have been staring at every time.  It was time to get, and add it to 1920's waterfall vanity. To go along side with my ormolu lipstick holders, and ormolu hair spray holders. Still need to decided what I'm going to put in it.

Vintage Lipstick Holder


One can never have enough lipstick holders for the vanity right?  Came across this beautiful holder on Lady Rockwell's Vintage Instagram page. I have bought things from this seller before, and highly recommend you look at the Instagram page. This lipstick hold will be joining the 5 other lipstick holders on my antique vanity.

1950's Lipstick Stand


 I was  recently in Enchanting Objects. In the front room they had this beautiful 1950's Lipstick Stand. One of the lovely ladies that worked there. Told me she was going to let me know about this item. Makes me really glad, I happen to walk around the store. Another great addition for my vanity. Now I, have enough for all my main lipsticks I like to wear.

Gold Vintage Brooches


On a recent trip to Antique World Mall. I found these two beautiful brooches on a mannequin stand in the back of the store. Planning on wearing these this spring and summer. To go with a few outfits.

Vintage Samsonite Style 4250 Traveler Round Hat Box Train Suitcase


While frequently shopping at the Antique World Mall . One of my favorite ladies that works at the location. Mentioned to me that I need to go look in the back half of the store. I Raised an eyebrow, and headed towards the back. Soon as I saw this, I  immediately knew this what she was talking about. Being a collector of vintage hats, and large summer hats. I knew this would be perfect. Been searching for one of these for years.

Vintage Brass Gloved Hands Spring Clip Glove Holder Stand


I saw on of these in a YouTube video from The Glambassador. In her tour of her dressing room.  Really loved the Glove holder. Looked on Ebay, and found one and purchased it Immediately. Then patiently waited for it tot get shipped. It finally arrived today. Now it has a place of honor in my Beauty Room.


Vintage Umbrella Stand

Recently I took my mom to Enchanted Objects. While walking up to the register I saw. This beautiful umbrella stand. Right away I asked if it was for sale. The nice lady behind the counter said it was. So I added to my pile, of purchases for that visit. My grandmother ( known as Momma Dot) had an umbrella stand at her house. She always said a proper young lady put always put. Her things in it's proper place. As a child I always knew I wanted one n my home. After many years of searching. I'm very glad to have found this. Already have a few of my vintage parasols in it.

The ormalou holder and lipstick  holder were in a cabinet at Enchanted Objects . The ladies at the shop are always good. At letting me know when they get, ormalou in. These two are now sitting on my antique vanity in my beauty room. Along with the others.

These beautiful perfume ormalou bottles were from FancyDollHouse . I follow her on Instagram, where I saw these. In one of her post she had. They listed in her Etsy shop. Perfect addition for my vanity. I don't wear perfume anymore. So I added some fake pearls to help bring out the colors. She made a post with my photo .  She has a vintage shop, and has lots of vintage inspiration. Please go check out her page.

Vintage Style Pin

On national thrift day this year. A lot of people had amazing post. One Instagram user a photo of this pin. The user had mentioned that they bought it from Kate Gabrielle . This pin is perfect for this vintage lover. You can purchase it here on her website. 

On Saturday morning my father called me. Daughter are you allowed to have any more scarves? Um kind of why? He then sent me a photo of a lot of scarves at a sale. The 2 Mustard Seeds Resale at a church in my town. Had a sale, all the proceeds went to Kenya teens to attend high school. I said don't leave wait for me here. When I arrived my eye got very big, like a cartoon. They had 4 large tables full of jewelry. He said this is another reason I called you. I know how much you like jewelry. The nice lady behind the counter was so sweet. Said my dad had been waiting for me. I filled 6 Ziplock bags of jewelry. Nice church lady said wow, I have never seen someone. Instantly look a jewelry and know what they want. After filling several bags, we moved on to the tables of scarves. Really couldn't believe how many they had. Many of them were $2-3 each, not a bad deal. Check out was very easy. They had me sign up for an email to let me know. When next years sale was going to happen.

Leaf Brooches 


Brooches were at Antique World Mall.  Towards the back of the stores there is a case full of different brooches. These two were both in the right side of the case. One of the nice ladies who work at the store. Was nice enough to unlock the case. And allowed me to pull these out. Leaf brooches are something I love wearing in the fall season. I'm constantly on the hunt for new one's to add to my collection. These will be a welcome addition to my collection.

Metal Umbrella Stand, Square Bucket with Wheat Design Vintage from the 70s


While walking around the Antique World Mall. Doing a little Birthday shopping for myself. Thanks Aunties for the Birthday money. In the back of the store. Sitting in a corner was this lovely Umbrella stand tucked away in a corner.  It even had a removable drip plate. Since I have a collection of vintage Umbrellas and Parasols. This will be put to good use holding them. Since, the current one in my dressing room is full. Not a bad find for $35.

Vintage Umbrellas


My dad had never been to Enchanting Objects before. Love going there, they always have the best items in the store.  Recently  I had seen some vintage umbrellas hiding in an Instagram post. Found them in a front room, right by some suite-cases. They were perfectly priced so I purchased them. The nice lady up front told me there was more out back. Found a small green one that is perfect for my car. They still had a few more, that I might be going back for.

Brooch Display Case

Since watching old black and white movies. With my grandparents growing up. I loved watching movies. Were the ladies of the silver screen. Wore beautiful brooches on their clothes and furs. Please keep in mind that I have been collecting for a very long time. For years I kept them in small jewelry boxes. But like any collector, who has a love for an item. One tends to outgrow the small boxes. Been on the hunt for a case. There is a great shop called Vintage Queen on Orchard Street. This is where I found, and purchased this amazing Display case. The owner Vicki is an amazing ladies. Her staff are great at answer questions. They also help you find what you are looking for. If you are looking to add to your collection. or looking for a gift. Please go check them out.